Airport VIP service in Uganda Entebbe

Uganda Entebbe Airport VIP Meet and Greet staff will meet you at your arrival gate and escort you all the way to your next flight or to your driver, or the other way around, in all Uganda’s international airport EBB

You will be met at the gate or kerbside, and guided all way though the airport for a super luxury VIP experience

Entebbe International Airport (EBB) is the main airport for Uganda and is located close to the town of Entebbe and 40 KM from the capital city of Kampala. This is a tired looking airport and there is an expansion programme taking place to upgrade the airport to deal with the large growing demand. Inside the airport there is an arrival and departure terminal and a military terminal. There are a number of small shops a couple of cafes and a VIP lounge.

Fast Track’s Uganda services are helpful for any traveler passing through the airport easily and who wants some personal assistance.

We offer a full range of services for those arriving in EBB Airport. Your Meet and Assist greeter will be waiting to assist you from the airbridge and will guide you through the fastest channels all the way to your ongoing transportation. They can help smooth the way if there are any language issues, assist with Visa on Arrival and in EBB can use their security clearance to try and Fast Track you through immigration & border control.

So whether you are a VIP, visiting diplomat, business traveller or tourist requiring special  airport services, our professional Fast Track services take care of everything to ensure your wellbeing, privacy and security.

If you are connecting or are in transit, our greeters will meet you and assist in any way possible as they accompany you through the airport to your next flight. They are familiar with the airport layout and know the fastest way to get you from A to B without any unnecessary delays.

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