Airport VIP service in Kenya, Nairobi

We offer our Meet and Greet services at 2 airports in Kenya; Mombasa (MBA) and Nairobi (NBO)

The International Airport of Mombasa (IATA: MBA) is the second largest airport in Kenya and offer regional and international flights. The airport is named after the former President of Kenya – Daniel arap Moi. International flights have operated from this airport since 1979 and it offers direct flights to several European destinations including: Italy, Germany, Poland and France.

There are two terminals at this airport with terminal one for international and terminal 2 for domestic and regional flights. Facilities are good with dining and shopping outlets and a VIP lounge.

We also provide our services at Jomo Kenyatta Airport (IATA: NBO) in Nairobi. This is the largest airport in Kenya and is located 15 KM south of Nairobi city. It serves more than 7 million passengers each year with flights to most countries around the World. In total there are 2 main terminals.   There are also a good selection of airport lounges, shopping outlets and shower facilities. Major Airlines including British Airways, Emirates, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar and Turkish airlines all fly from this airport.

Kenya is a splendid place to get close to and experience a vast selection of wildlife; including the wildebeest and zebras who migrate in their millions. The peoples of Kenya bring us great diversity and history and ancient traditions. They are very warm and friendly people who welcome the visitor with open arms. There are many things to do in Kenya for the visitor. Although Kenyan food is not known for flair it nonetheless provides for a wholesome and tasty diet. In Nairobi there are a great selection of good restaurants and most of the large hotels have good dining options.

Etiquette in Kenya is important and especially so if one wants to maintain a conversation with someone. It is advised to learn a few friendly words in Swahili first to assist you in starting a friendly conversation. It is advised not to encourage begging but giving money and gifts to strangers. Entertainment is widespread throughout Kenya and you are sure to be able to enjoy one of the many  cultural shows performed by troupes from local tribes – have fun!

See all the airports we serve. Read more about NBO airport .    Airport VIP assistance for all travellers is now available at NBO & MBA